Volunteer Placement in Nepal

Our aim is to provide help to those who truly need it! We offer a diverse program range covering vast areas of Nepal, giving you the choice to work in a variety of different fields as well as choosing a place you would like to visit. Our projects range from teaching in schools, helping abandoned and underprivileged children, remote health post work, community work, medical elective and help and teach at Buddhist Monastery .

Criterias of volunteer placement

various volunteer placement options are available however the following requirements are to be considered upon..
• The project or program that suits you or you applied for.
• Your skills, interests and qualifications.
• The projects and work that are currently available.
• The projects and organisations requiring the support of volunteers.
• Demographics of the volunteer.
• The placement that satisfies you..

Once the volunteer arrives in the country and gets acquainted with the Hope and Home staff, the actual institution or venue where the individual volunteer would work is finalized.It is before the volunteer arrives, Hope and Home selects the potential placement. Discussion and introduction of placement by the program staff will be done after the volunteer’s arrival.( There is a possibility where the program staff might reverse the placement decision after meeting you in person and get you a more suitable option)

Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu is the capital and largest city of Nepal. It is situated in a valley in the heart of Nepal. The entire terrain of Kathmandu is like a steep incline, descending from the Himalayan heights to the Terai flatland within a short distance and includes a lot of the world heritage site i.e. Kathmandu, patan, Bhaktapur- Durbar square, Bauddha, Swayambhu, Pasupatinath etc

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Chitwan is about 150km from Kathmandu city, which is very good destination for the tourist. Chitwan is in the middle of the Terai, a vast, flat and fertile area that borders India and stretches right across Southern Nepal. Chitwan’s National Park is the main attraction in the region.This park is regarded as the best national park of Nepal.



Pokhara is in Mid-Western part of Nepal which is about 200km west of Kathmandu and can be reached in 7 hours by bus. It is a good tourist destination where you can enjoy the beautiful Annapurna Range and close look of Fish Tail Mountain. Pokhara itself lies on the banks of Lake Phewa, a huge, beautiful lake.

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Banepa is located about 26 kilometers east of Kathmandu.Banepa is also a major trade route to Tibet, with the Arniko Rajmarg, the only highway that connects Nepal and China (Tibet), running through this town. The main attraction of Banepa is the temple of Chandeshwori. Banepa is well known for its eight different temples and lot of festivals are celebrated in Banepa

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